Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Right here goes...
Just a quick into me.

I am a freelance photographer based in Manchester, UK and i also work from London, UK, California and New York Cities 5 Boroughs.

I have had the huge privelage of working for some huge and brilliant musicians, some major fashion names and my work has graced many a magazine. 

HOWEVER, I am nowhere near at a level of achieving the images I can see in my head. I need more equipment, more experience and more input from my viewers. Hence why I have started blogging again, only properly. I have seen how blogging has changed the world I live in yet I hadn't joined in. The main influence for me was seeing how excited my girlfriend, Annabelle, has been. You bloggers have made her ever more passionate about fashion and photography. Now its my turn. 

Please check out Annabelle stuff... she's awesome.

And whilst your browsing please check out my work...

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